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Jelly Beans - Ho'oponopono

I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

Thank you Dr Len for bringing these cleaning tools to our awareness


Jelly beans, along with MnM's are great tools which when eaten, help cleanse the body of negative energy and bring your mind and your spirit back to the present, so you can be fully in the moment.


I have a glass dish containing Jelly Beans in my lounge area at home, the room where most friends and family meet when they come to visit.


If they want they take a Jelly Bean, or two or three or four..... and whether they know it or not, their mind, body and spirit are being set free from memories, from knowing, from thought, just to be present.


You can get your jelly beans from anywhere you like, if you feel more comfortable ordering from me, just click the order here  button.

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